Report a Repair

Repair FAQs

1. My Radiators are not getting hot?

Often this is a case of trapped air in the radiator and can be bled with a radiator key. These can easily be obtained from Wilkinsons or a hardware store. As a tenant this would be your responsibility. Please find a useful link below.

After doing this you may need to repressurise your boiler (see FAQ 2)

2. My boiler is not working?

Often when a boiler stops working the problem is quite straightforward. If the boiler is an older style boiler, then there will be a pilot light. If it is not lit please e-mail the office.

In most cases your boiler will be a Combination Boiler ( Combi-Boiler ) and if this is the case please check the following:

  • a. The boiler is turned on at the wall and at the boiler itself.
  • b. Check the pressure gauge on the boiler. If this is below 1.5bar the boiler will need repressurising. This link below will show you how to correct this.
  • c. You must shut the valve off after refilling to prevent damage to the boiler.
  • d. If this does not correct the fault please turn the boiler off and contact the office.

3. What happens if the power cuts off or my fuse board needs resetting?

If the power goes off in the house, first check that there has not been a power cut in the area, i.e. have any other houses or your next door neighbour lost electricity. If so you may just have to wait a short while until it is turned back on.

Should it be just your particular house/flat please check your Fuse Board (consumer unit ). Initially reset the fuses as below. If this does not work please unplug all appliances and try again.

4. How do I read my own Meters?

Find the meters (typically either in the cellar or a cupboard outside the house ). For help on how to read each meter, visit the links below.

The Electric and Gas Meter:

The Water Meter:

5. What if my Shower or Bath blocks up

From time to time all showers and baths tend to clog up with hair and dirt. Sometimes small bottle tops fall through the plug. It would be prudent to buy a small BATH PLUNGER for a very low cost from Wilkinsons or a hardware store, to help deal with this.

Plumber's costs vary, but are always expensive for such a trivial repair and unblocking charges will almost invariably be paid by the tenants.