Booking a Property

Hopefully answers to all the questions you wanted to ask but were too afraid to, are here. If not, contact us directly and we’ll answer any of your queries.

Why choose Oak Student Letts?

As a letting agent we understand that finding the right house for your son or daughter can be a confusing process. The process occurs in a city of which you may know nothing, with landlords that you have never met and involving large sums of money. The process of renting with friends is different from renting a "normal" flat or house and as such can be a confusing process.

At Oak Student Letts we will try to make this process as simple as possible. We have two High Street offices, unlike many private landlords, so that you are able to contact our friendly staff.

What happens with my son’s/ daughter’s deposit?

Tenant’s deposits are held in a government registered scheme. We currently use The Dispute Service (TDS), who can be contacted at the following address;

The Dispute Service Ltd
PO Box 1255
Hemel Hempstead

Why do I need to be a guarantor?

Normally we would credit reference a tenant to verify their suitability. This gives our landlords the reassurance that rent will be paid and if required the landlord can arrange rent payment protection insurance. However our experience shows that students will not normally pass such a credit reference check, so we need a guarantor to ensure that financial safeguards are still in place for our landlords. The guarantor will in most circumstances be a UK-based parent/guardian of the tenant and will be in full time employment.

What is involved in being a guarantor?

The guarantor will need to sign a document guaranteeing the payments due under the tenancy agreement. You can see an example form on this page. If you have any questions about the form, you may wish to take legal advice. You do need to be aware, however, that we can not enter into a tenancy agreement without a signed guarantee form being in place

Why do we take rent termly?

Rent is taken termly as this assists the many students whom are reliant on the Student Loans Company for finance.

What happens at the end of the tenancy.

Once tenants have reached the end of their tenancy and the keys have been returned to us, the property is checked out by the one of our Oak Student Letts staff. We will then write to the lead tenant for the property with a proposed refund - minus any deductions for damages (of which hopefully there will be none). Once this figure is agreed, the deposit will be refunded to the lead tenant or individually to each tenant as required.

Sample document downloads

The following links are indicative of the documents tenants and/or guarantors will need to complete and sign

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